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Sibiel Urban Design 

Sibiel is one of the best preserved saxon cultures of Transylvania. As part of Mărginimea Sibiului (‘The Outskirts of Sibiu’ Region), the village dating from the 14th century, Sibiel is more than an idealized portrait of pastoral life. It is the sum of its community along with its very contemporary issues and needs. Therefore, the community needs to be at the center of any planning activity.

Redesigning Sibiel’s center is governed by four strategic directions, aiming at a sustainable “place-making process”:

1. Education and awareness: it ensures the safe keeping of traditions for future generations, through the presence of traditional crafts and local values

2. Reuse and adaptation: it encourages the tendency to recycle/ reuse household items for current needs.

3. Sense of belonging: it grows a sense of belonging by encouraging villagers to participate in the social life of Sibiel.

4. Open scenario: it ensures a flexible framework that allows future interventions proposed by the community.

The central square is recreated through five main areas that take into account the site’s natural and social elements: the intimate zone for relaxation, the village forum, the playground (inspired from the traditional homestead universe), the open-air cinema in a quiet place by the water, the Pin bowling Alley.

The proposal solves the following problems: unclear zoning, bad management of traffic flows, lack of connection to the creek, lack of game-playing area for both children and adults.


Client: Municipality of Săliște

Date, location: 2013, Sibiel, RO

Type, program: International rural design competition

Size: L / 4400 sqm

Investment: €20.000



Second Prize – Sibiel – Built Culture: Refurbishing the public space in the centre of the village of Sibiel, Sibiu county