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Museum Design (Iron Gates Region Museum)

The Museum of the Iron Gates Region is organized as a museum park, consisting of a set of buildings and archaeological objectives. The project consists in arranging, equipping and organizing the visiting routes for the building of the Museum. It will host the permanent exhibitions of the Departments of History, Archeology, Ethnography,  Natural Sciences and complementary spaces such as warehouses, laboratories, offices, in optimal conditions and according to the current standards.

The concept is based on five key ideas governing the arrangement of each of the three permanent exhibitions:

1. The Danube as unifier – We propose the transition from a local perspective to a regional and cross-border perspective.

2. The Danube as a reading thread – gives coherence to museum’s experience.

3. Multi-sensory perception – creates an inclusive and unique experience where seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, temperature act as experience enhancers.

4. Center for activities – The museum becomes a center for culture and leisure.

5. The hyperlink – the museum is conceived as a starting point for thematic touristic routes in the region.


Client: Mehedinţi County Council

Data, location: 2014, Drobeta-Turnu Severin, RO

Surface: M / 6917 mp

Investment: €1.770.000

Echipă: Wolfhouse Productions + Iulia Săftoiu, Iris Popescu, Codruț Neguț, Florin Cobuz, Alexandru Tudose, Tudor Arsintescu

Status: Fesability study ended