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Exhibition Design Museum 3017

Museum_3017 is a playful exhibition exploring the present types of city habitation in Bucharest by imagining the user looks back from the 31st century back at the year 2017, thus putting the present in an archeological perspective and simultaneously calling into question the veridity of the naratives brought forward by history museums and institutions.

Based on a anthropological research and documentary film series made in 2016, the project proposes seven installations that give the visitors a glimpse of the character of these seven habitation types: apartment, suburb, gated community, student dorm, ghetto, former nationalized houses and homelessness.


Client: Asociația Rețeaua Muzeelor din România
Date, location: 2017, Bucharest, RO
Type, program: Exhibition design
Size: M / 180mp
Team: Wolfhouse Productions
Status: Completed